While action films would have you believe otherwise, bullets travelling through water are far slower – and less accurate – than those fired through the air.

But now, DSG Technology has developed a range of supercavitating ammunition that can effectively ‘swim’ longer distances to hit the target.

As a result, the firm says the Cav-X bullets can be used with standard weapons in multi-environment battles for diver support, harbour protection, and even submerged shooting positions.

The Cav-X supercavitating bullets come in 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 12.7 mm, and can be fired from ‘air to water, water to water, and water to air, including partially-wet weapons, semi or full auto,’ according to DSG.

The ammunition relies on cavitation effects to optimize range and accuracy when fired through water.

This occurs when water pressure is lowered below the water’s vapour pressure, forming bubbles.

And, when the bubble envelops the object – in this case, the bullet – it reduces the drag.

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