For decades the demise of radio has been a hot topic, with songs such as ‘Radio Gaga’ and ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ predicting a decline in listeners.

But 80s pop songs may have been wrong – as it appears we are entering a ‘new golden’ age of radio which is seeing more people access their favourite stations online.

However, surge in digital listeners could trigger the end of FM listening as early as this year.

Radio use in the UK is now at record levels, with 48 million adults listening to more than 1 billion hours each week, according to industry monitor Rajar.

However rather than buying a traditional radio to tune to FM, there has been a huge shift in the number of people accessing live streams through their tablets and smartphones.

The change is happening so quickly that some analysts predict digital listeners will become the majority within a year – and it could spell the end of FM.


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