Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad swears the April 4 chemical weapons attack on the village of Khan Sheikhun didn’t occur—or if it did occur his forces didn’t use chemical weapons.

“Definitely, 100 percent for us, it’s fabrication,” Assad told Agence France Press in what AFP touts as the Syrian genocidaire’s first interview since the attack and the Trump Administration’s retaliatory cruise missile strike.

Assad followed his allegation with more propaganda poison: “Our impression is that the West, mainly the United States, is hand-in-glove with the terrorists. They fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack.”

Tell the Big Lie and tell it often: Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels employed that technique with big media effects and graveyard consequences. For seven decades the Soviet Union peddled various versions of the “it’s all America’s fault,” and Assad’s 21st century Russian allies continue to employ it with abrasive regularity.

Alleging the U.S. conspires with terrorists echoes other boggling “Blame America” lies that have unfortunate and damaging traction in many Muslim countries. Two of the worst—(1) that America planned 9-11 and (2) the U.S. created Al Qaeda and the Islamic State in order to wage global war against Muslims—hinder efforts to combat militant Islamist terrorists.

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