If it’s tricky to see the connection between the International Day of Pink (It’s Time to Talk About Bullying, Homophobia, Transphobia) and what Eric Brazau was trying to say in court Thursday, it still feels as though there is one.

The Day of Pink was celebrated this week at, among other places, the Toronto District School Board, the biggest one in the country.

At most, if not all schools, teachers were “encouraged” to wear pink T-shirts (were there any who didn’t?) and special assemblies held, all in the effort as the board put it on its website, “to stop homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny (I presume this is showing prejudice against transgendered women) and all forms of bullying.”

A recent analysis in the United States puts 0.6 per cent of the adult population as transgendered.

The day after Pink Day, Brazau was in Ontario Superior Court, arguing that he should be allowed to change his earlier guilty plea to causing a disturbance to not guilty.

At 52, he is a prickly fellow who has made a habit of either handing out anti-Muslim pamphlets (“They are here and breeding”) or publicly denouncing Muslims or Muslim extremists.

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