Negative approval ratings continue to dog Washington with 62 percent saying they have an unfavorable opinion of Congress. This compares with only 34 percent who give a favorable rating and the harsh opinion is weighing heavily on the Republican majority, especially House Speaker Paul Ryan.

A new poll by Pew Research Center shows the continued dour outlook respondents have about Washington with 24 percent saying they have a very unfavorable view and 38 percent saying they have a mostly unfavorable view of Congress. Meanwhile, only a third (34 percent) say they have a positive view of Congress.

Pew found that majorities of respondents from both parties have had negative feelings about Congress, but perhaps unsurprisingly, Republican feelings have rebounded a bit with the GOP takeover of the majority in the latest review, 44 percent of those leaning Republican have positive feelings about Congress. That is up from 31 percent since last June.

For Democrats, fully 69 percent have an unfavorable view of Congress while the favorable views changed only slightly down to 27 percent from the 32 percent seen last June.

The poll ratings for Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan are no better. Pew found that 54 percent disapprove of the job the Speaker is doing. Twenty-nine percent approve while 17 percent had no opinion.

More worrisome for the Wisconsinite is that at 29 percent his ratings are lower than most of the previous Speakers including Republican John Boehner (36 percent), Democrat Nancy Pelosi (35 percent), and Republican Newt Gingrich (34 percent).

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