THERESA MAY has called an early General Election on June 8, but what does that mean for Brexit?

The Prime Minister’s announcement today has raised questions over what will happen to Brexit, less than a month after Article 50 was triggered for the UK to leave the European Union (EU).

Critics have said the election could push Brexit negotiations back, using the German and French elections as examples of how Article 50 was pushed back.

Mrs May today said voting for the Conservatives would “get the job done” as Britain would have a “strong and stable” leadership, while voting for anybody else would lead to a “weak and unstable” coalition Government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

She said “every vote” for the Conservatives will make her Brexit mandate stronger.

A vote will be held tomorrow in which two thirds of MPs from all parties will have to agree to calling an election – something all party leaders have already agreed to.

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