The crisis at Canada’s southern border is getting worse, and it’s time for the Trudeau government to take action over the sudden and significant influx of illegal migration.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, thus far, not done anything to stop the flow of illegal crossings. But he can no longer ignore the problem.

An investigative video report from The Rebel Media has made it clear that there is a coordinated effort by human smugglers to thwart our immigration rules and facilitate large-scale illegal migration into Canada.

Reporting from upstate New York, Rebel journalist Faith Goldy interviewed a man who described the “special services” his taxi company provides to aspiring refugees.

He describes his company as part of a cross-country network of “brokers” and “runners” who work to bring migrants from all over the U.S. to cross into Canada at this location.

Many of these migrants, we’re told, are not in the United States legally.

And, as Goldy learns through interviews with various drivers, many of them are charging quite the premium: up to $800 for one short leg of the trip.

The brokers who coordinate these journeys likely charge much more.


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