When contemplating the NDP government’s efforts to make Alberta’s labour laws more pro-union, consider these two facts: Alberta has the lowest rate of private-sector unionization in the country; just 10 per cent versus the national rate is 16 per cent.

At the same time, Alberta still has the highest average industrial wages in the country – 17 per cent higher than the national average and 27 per cent higher than the most-unionized province, Quebec.

That should that tell the Notley government that the marketplace has done more for workers’ wages than union negotiators have.

If the NDP really cared about working stiffs, it would do everything it can to get Alberta’s economy pumping again – lower personal and corporate taxes, reverse its deluge of regulations, reduce government spending and borrowing, and generally get out of the way of job creators.

There are some encouraging indicators that the New Democrats’ revisions will not be crazy-time for lefty ideologues.


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