THE French town of Donzy is a stronghold for eurosceptic and anti-migration candidate Marine Le Pen – and it always backs the winning president.

Ms Le Pen’s anti-European Union rhetoric and promise to make “forgotten” France great again has made the medieval town in Burgundy a big fanbase for the Front National leader just weeks before the final round of the 2017 French elections.

And with Marine Le Pen expected to take the lead in the first round of voting, as polls place her slightly ahead of her key rival Emmanuel Macron, support in Donzy – France’s political bellwether – is vital.

Agricultural worker Mickael, 30, said: ”I want radical change. I choose Marine Le Pen.

“I juggle with two jobs to get by. I don’t take my kids on holiday. I am the France that works, that people don’t look at or listen to.”

Local retirement home accountant Frédérique Charpin, 31, said: “People have had enough of the way the French political system is organised.

“Why not change everything with Marine Le Pen?,” she asked.

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