“[T]he Democratic Party is extremely weak and incapable of organizing people.”

— Sen. Bernard Sanders, April 3, 2017.

Finally, the Democrats admit it wasn’t the Russians, James B. Comey or sexism that brought Hillary Clinton down. We are now told by journalists, leading Democrats, and even a former Democratic presidential candidate, that it was the inept dysfunction of the party itself, Hillary, and her abused and frightened team that has reduced them all to irrelevant, vapid political busybodies.

The poor sops. For such a long time, they told us they were beset by evil Russians, a dastardly FBI director, and that ubiquitously hideous misogyny. Such drama and international intrigue. But we now know the Democratic Party’s woes are not, at all, akin to a James Bond movie. Alas, they’re more like the “Gong Show.”

The other week, Hillary Clinton made much of a book she’s working on that, she attested, pins the blame for her failure on the Russians, Mr. Comey and sexism. Sadly, someone beat her to the real story and actually reports the truth of the matter.

In “Shattered,” authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes spoke with more than 100 people involved with the campaign, which they describe as “miserable even before it started.” In great detail, they describe a dysfunctional campaign, disconnected candidate, and campaign teams wracked by infighting.

In a review of the book, Entertainment Weekly noted, “Although ‘Shattered’ is filled with examples of bad decisions and mishandled crises, it posits the Clinton campaign’s main failure was Hillary’s inability to explain ‘her motivation for seeking the presidency.’ “

Oh, so it was her fault? That’s going to leave a mark. Unless, of course, Mr. Allen and Ms. Parnes are actually Russian agents. Or working for Mr. Comey. Or maybe they, too, are souped-up misogynists being paid by the Koch Brothers. Or something.

The blame game, however, is now so dead, even Sen. Bernard Sanders and new leftist leaders of the Democrats are admitting in public that the party is in trouble.


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