THERESA MAY is more popular with voters than any PM since the late 1970s, according to a new poll which shows her Tory party surge to a fresh high over Labour.

An Ipsos MORI survey released today shows three in five (61 per cent) voters are backing Mrs May as the UK’s most capable leader ahead of the June 8 general election.

By contrast, just a quarter (23 per cent) believe beleaguered Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would be a better prime minister.

Mrs May’s score is the highest since the pollsters started asking the question of voters in 1979, although ex-Labour prime minister Tony Blair held a bigger lead over then-Tory leader William Hague in 2001.

The Conservatives were handed a double dose of good news as the same poll gave the Tories a staggering 23-point lead over Labour.

Mrs May’s party were backed by nearly half (49 per cent) of the 1,004 voters asked, while Labour slumped four points on their score last month to 26 per cent.

The Liberal Democrats were unchanged on 13 per cent and Ukip sank two points to four per cent.

No Surprise…

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