MARINE Le Pen is holding the sword of Damocles over the Eurozone, paralysing the European Central Bank (ECB) with the fear that the Front National could sweep to victory.

ECB President Mario Draghi will not be able to predict a brighter future for the euro until the hardline leader has lost the May 7 election – but she is gaining in the polls.

Infighting has gripped the ECB, with the Germans especially keen for ‘Quexit’ – the end to quantitive easing and the relentless printing of money.

The fiscal policy currently implemented by the ECB is extremely loose and should be brought into line, according to German bankers, who argue the Euro is no longer in crisis.

But if Ms Le Pen claims victory in the French election, she will seek to bring France out of the single currency and the European Union altogether, plunging it into uncertainty.


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