Keeping Canadians safe and our borders secure are vital functions of the federal government.

Therefore, any policy that waters down our security screening measures for asylum seekers is unacceptable.

On Friday, Sun Media columnist Candice Malcolm, citing high-level former officials in the federal immigration department, reported the Trudeau government intends to fast track asylum seekers from countries with a high percentage of approved refugee claims.

BIG NEWS: Liberals planning to rubber stamp dangerous asylum seekers, @CandiceMalcolm has learned: #cdnpoli

— Anthony Furey (@anthonyfurey)

That could mean, Malcolm was told, that “certain claims may be approved without a hearing”, or a shortened hearing, or rubber-stamped through a “paper-based” process.

While many asylum seekers from Mideast and African countries, where Canada has historically recognized large numbers of refugee claimants, are legitimate, some are terrorists, war criminals and thugs.

In response to Malcolm’s column, federal officials said there will be no changes to “security and criminality screening practices” but some claims will be approved without hearings.

In any event, these aren’t new concerns.


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