MONTREAL—Lino Zambito blew the lid off of a massive corruption scheme in Quebec several years ago with tales of duplicitous companies, greedy Liberal Party fundraisers and the Italian mafia pulling the strings.

For his part, the former construction boss was charged and pled guilty, avoiding prison only because he helped bring one of the darkest periods of the province’s political history to light.

But leaks and revelations from the investigative vault of the province’s anti-corruption unit this week are a reminder to people here that the main players and beneficiaries of an alleged scheme that traded political donations for government contractsare still walking free.

For how much longer is the question.

“The population of Quebec deserves results,” Zambito said in an interview Friday. “Either we say that, yes, there are charges, or that the case has been examined, there’s not enough evidence or there was nothing criminal that occurred … and we move on.”

Quebeckers got neither of those options this week. Instead, they faced another wallop of corruption news when the TVA network broadcast a report based on confidential files from the Unité Permanente Anti-Corruption (UPAC).


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