Foreigners will risk everything for Canadian citizenship.

Yesterday’s Liberal giants like Paul Martin Sr. built it.

Today’s Liberal midgets like Justin Trudeau bulldoze it.

What exactly is the purpose of soliciting immigrants and refugees and then granting them citizenship?

Unlike many Asian, European and African countries that now have a relatively homogeneous, native-born population after centuries of genetic mixing with invaders, outside of its urban areas Canada is a thinly-populated, heterogeneous country.

We attract people from foundering, war-torn countries with the prospect of better lives. Most Canadians expect government to strengthen our confederation, to provide the best outcomes for both current and future citizens.

These outcomes include not only improving our quality of life but reasonable safety and security.

However, just as demand for access to Canadian citizenship is increasing, the Liberals have decided to devalue it with a thinly-disguised appeal to bribe immigrants into voting Liberal — including relaxed residency and official language requirements.

It is a cynical move that caters to naked self-interest, while threatening Canadian safety and security.


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