President Trump is truly a man alone. This isn’t new, as he was elected for that very reason; he campaigned as someone who would confront the status quo, and by doing so, make America great again.

The budget battle is the perfect illustration of how lost Congress is and confirms the importance of why Mr. Trump was elected: to stop the nonsense in Washington that is ruining our lives. He is the right president, but the Republican Party is not his team.

The “new budget compromise” was released Monday, which would fund the government through September, revealing an Obama administration wish list. It also made clear the swamp in Congress, which includes both parties, was aggressively trying to kill the president’s agenda and stated priorities.

The media keep telling you this is the “Trump Budget.” But don’t be fooled — it’s very much the “Obama-Ryan Budget.”

The current hot mess of a budget reflects priorities of last year. Congress isn’t “compromising” or “negotiating,” and they’re certainly not thinking about what’s best for the United States. No, their agenda is a simple one for a simple gang: Stop Trump.

So why not change things up a bit by furthering the president’s priorities? Because, simply, Congress isn’t “compromising” or “negotiating,” and lawmakers are certainly not thinking about what’s best for the United States. No, their agenda is a simple one for a simple gang: Stop Trump.

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