Kathleen Wynne is polling so low that she’s basically a squatter in her own office.

She’s counting on the 2017-18 budget to retrieve her dismal approval rating and save her party from coming in third place.

But will it work?

Last year’s budget was full of shiny baubles meant to please Ontarians: Free tuition for post-secondary students, more money for hospitals, and a slightly smaller deficit than expected.

But 14 years of arrogance, wasteful spending, disgraceful scandals, and an overall hectoring tone have made the Wynne Liberals extremely unpopular. That budget was a serious flop.

Approval ratings continued to plummet, and lately Wynne has been flirting with single digits. Former Liberal Party president Greg Sorbara recently declared that it’s “extremely unlikely” that the Liberals can win in 2018. Donations have dried up. Rumours now circulate that much of the Liberal front bench will step down. Maybe even Wynne will resign. So this year’s budget is the Liberals’ last opportunity to convince Ontarians to give them another chance.

Predictably, the Liberals are congratulating themselves on a supposedly balanced budget and a mass of new ‘investments.’

But I don’t think Ontarians will be fooled.


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