On Friday, Alberta will mark the second anniversary of the Notley government’s election win.

To be kind, the results have been disastrous.

During their 24 months in office, the New Democrats have made nearly everything worse.

Admittedly, some of the bad news would have occurred even if the Tories had won the 2015 provincial election and extended their 44-year reign. The continued weakness in world oil prices is not the doing of the Notley government.

However, nearly everything Premier Rachel Notley and her crew have done to fix or transform our province has made matters worse. Our economy has fallen farther than the economies of other oil-producing provinces and states, and is recovering more slowly.

Our unemployment is greater than other energy-dependent economies. No other oil-reliant jurisdiction has suffered as great a loss of investor confidence. No other jurisdiction in North America — oil-producing or otherwise — has seen its income, business and property taxes rise so fast. Nowhere else has the minimum wage been jacked up so drastically.

And none of that includes the effects of environmental regulation, the carbon tax, the coal shutdown or billions in alternate energy spending. It doesn’t account for the NDP’s out-of-control spending, its wild and reckless debt increases and the financing of its “green” dreams on the backs of future generations of taxpayers and electricity consumers.


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