EMMANUEL Macron has won the French presidency, but voters will have to head back to the polls to elect France’s parliament.

The centrist former banker stormed the presidential election to become the nation’s youngest ever president, aged 39.

But while Emmanuel Macron comfortably defeated Front National’s Marine Le Pen with 66 per cent of the vote to her 33.9 per cent, he still faces a battle in parliament.

With Mr Macron’s En Marche party only established a little more than a year ago and currently having no support in the legislative branch, Front National are eager to remain a thorn in the side of the newly elected president by sweeping the parliamentary election.

The French parliamentary elections, or legislative elections, are set to take place on June 11 and 18.

Like the President, the members of France’s national assembly must go through two rounds of voting unless they achieve an absolute majority in the first round.

There are 575 seats up for grabs for potential parliamentarians – known as députés – with the majority currently being controlled by Francios Hollande’s collapsing Socialist party.


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