In a strained bit of humorous idiocy, a flak at the Washington Post spins Emmanuel Macron’s win and Marine Le Pen’s thumping as an “embarrassment” for President Trump.

Aaron Blake, writing for “The Fix,” betrays the MSM’s obsession with pinning anything and everything negative or failed on Trump. Crows Blake:

I argued on this blog that Trump’s comments about Le Pen amounted to an endorsement. He had said that she was the best candidate when it came to the most important issue: the security of her country. And he clearly suggested that her popularity was rising after the terrorist attack, a claim that in retrospect looks haphazard, at best, and foolhardy, at worst.

Sorry, Aaron, but this merits a “Dope Alert.” Most Americans couldn’t give a hoot that the president said nice things about La Pen or even suggested her election as good. Most Americans care about their kids, jobs, and safe streets. Trump’s utterances on the subject matter only to inbreds who breathe the rarified air in DC, New York, and Boston. Or guys like you who get paychecks pulling this inanity from their rears.

Nowhere in Blake’s brilliant analysis did he mention Barack Obama’s profound embarrassment for endorsing Hillary Clinton, whose loss wasn’t predicted by the MSM or all those very smart guys and gals in coastal blue redoubts. After all, Le Pen, trailing badly in the polls, was expected to be hosed. Hillary was practically measuring the drapes in the Oval Office. Who has more egg on his face, Aaron?

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