The reaction of the Democrats, the media and scattered pathetic “Never Trump” Republicans to the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey has been priceless and actually has nothing to do with Mr. Comey, or any investigation he was leading.

The baying at the moon and wringing of hands over a supposed Trump cover-up or treason and Russia (of course) is drama of a sort that even Shakespeare would admire.

But enough is enough. The media coverage from the moment it was revealed President Trump fired the embattled FBI director was a hysterical and unified Democratic Party talking point: The president firing an incompetent director, they insist, is exactly like former President Richard M. Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre.” Uh, yeah, no.

Headline after headline, pundit after pundit, and the failed and envious Never Trump crew are breathlessly spewing their indignation and insistence on a special prosecutor for the Russia issue because … Nixon, massacre and more Nixon!

This is absurd on its face and illustrates the frenetic panic descending on the bureaucratic swamp.

You see, Mr. Trump is holding people accountable and will act when action is required. But the bureaucracy is relying on the Obama/Hillary rats’ nests embedded in each and every agency to maintain its control of government by stopping Mr. Trump’s agenda, by making it impossible for him to govern. In order for this to work, Democratic operatives must remain in place; it should be made impossible for Mr. Trump to fire anyone, for any reason.

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