James Comey was one of the Albatrosses and land mines Obama had left for President Trump. Former FBI Director Comey appears to have become unstable in his position, as he began to usurp more and more power for himself; even to the point of making decisions for Obama AG Lorretta Lynch. Most recently, he seemed to be attempting to even commandeer the power of the United States presidency. President Trump promised to drain the D.C. swamp and one of its chief creatures has now been given his walking papers.

Members of the Democrat Party who had previously indicated—both before and after the November 2016 election—that they would like to tar and feather Comey and ride him out of town on a rail, are now beside themselves (a dangerous place for anyone to be) with rage that he was fired for his misdeeds by President Trump. Any sensible human might ask “Why?”

Comey had divulged that the discovered emails of the Democrat Party’s (then) patron Saint Hillary had committed acts that would be criminal for anyone but a leftist Democrat…and/or any Clinton. However, he had done it in a way—Comey’s now infamous ‘Hillary’s-guilty-but-I’m-letting-her-go-free’ speech to the nation—that flew in the face of FBI protocol and, likely, the law of the land. Listening to Senator Schumer (the Dem Party’s titular head) at the time of Hillary’s Emailgate, one would have thought it should have been Comey—not Hillary—who was to blame for Hillary’s sending classified information hither and yon. So…why is this same Schumer—who had actually and previously called for Comey’s firing—now speaking of Comey as if he’s a fallen hero for the Luciferian Left’s cause? To We-the-People who have never chosen to live under rocks—the answer is obvious. It was solely because President Trump fired him…and members of the Democrat Party leadership teams hate Trump tenfold more than they do Comey.

The lunacy of this is that only the President could have—under the US Constitution—fired him. Comey served at the pleasure of the President. And, President Trump was no longer pleased.

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