It’s not just a Republican talking point that Obamacare is falling apart. Democrats’ efforts to shift all blame to President Trump and his party are misleading. Obamacare is crumbling because it was poorly made.

Further proof of that arrived Thursday when Aetna said it would quit Obamacare in the last four states where it has been participating. Other insurers are abandoning the law’s insurance exchanges or requesting eye-popping premium increases for next year. These facts demolish Democrats’ insistence that the law is working just fine.

Democrats and their allies in the news media have pivoted to blaming President Trump for Obamacare’s struggles. It would be closer to the truth to say that if Trump and the Republicans hadn’t won the 2016 election, President Hillary Clinton and a Democratic Congress would currently be scrambling to find ways to prevent the program’s collapse.

And it is really is a collapse.


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