THERESA MAY is on course to break Margaret Thatcher’s 1983 record and win 398 seats at next month’s general election, giving her a thumping overall majority of 147.

The online bookmaker has analysed the odds in a number of marginal seats across the UK and predicts widespread losses for Labour in Wales and London.

The betting also suggests the Tories will erode the SNP’s advantage north of the border, with Nicola Sturgeon’s party at 6/4 to gain less than 45 seats.

Betway’s Alan Alger said: “Theresa May’s party is now a near-certain 1/50 to remain in power. On the flipside, Labour are a massive 16/1 to gain the most seats and 28/1 to win a majority.

“Putting that into perspective, we’re offering shorter odds on England winning the next World Cup (20/1) or Nigel Farage appearing on Strictly Come Dancing (10/1).”


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