Unprepared EU set for Brexit DISASTER: Brussels denial is ‘extraordinarily dangerous’

THE European Union is in denial about Brexit and runs the risk of seriously underestimating Britain’s political power, according to a renowned German columnist.

Wolfgang Münchau, thinks the EU miscalculated the mood of the British people when it offered David Cameron a rum deal before the Brexit campaign began in earnest and it should learn from that error and be sure not to repeat it.

Britain should show its own strength by making it abundantly clear there is a “plan B” if Michel Barnier and Co serve up an impractical Brexit solution.

Mr Münchau wrote in the Financial Times: “The biggest category of risk in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations is political miscalculation — but not of the variety you would think.

“There are plenty of examples where this has already happened. David Cameron was given a raw deal last year when the European Council ignored the former prime minister’s warnings about Brexit.


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