Israeli nanotech firm StoreDot has unveiled a radical ‘ultra-fast-charge’ battery it claims can bring an electric car to full charge in just five minutes – and power it for up to 300 miles.

At the CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin, StoreDot demonstrated a proof of concept of the technology it says is a ‘radical improvement over the traditional lithium ion battery structure.’

The FlashBattery combines organic compounds with nano-materials to slash charging time down to a fraction of that achieved by current methods, and the firm says it will be available in the next three years.


StoreDot sprang from research into Alzheimer’s at Tel Aviv University.

Researchers discovered naturally occurring crystals two nanometers in diameter that show interesting properties.

The crystals, short chains of amino acids called peptides, can store a charge or emit light, are easy and cheap to make, and are non-toxic, the company claims.

The firm is working on using the crystals, which it calls NanoDots, for displays and semiconductors as well as batteries.


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