Last week I traveled to Pakistan to attend to my mother-in-law who was very ill. Although I visit my land of birth once a year, this was my husband’s first visit in 16 years.

Despite the emotional nature of the journey, what struck us both in a positive light was that although Pakistan is not a shining example of human rights (in that there is lack of law and order) and issues surrounding the blasphemy law still exist, security agencies are keeping a tighter control on the masses (for the most part).

However the general public, after three decades, now is keenly aware of the problems. Pakistan is coming to terms with religiosity, i.e., the orthodox are following their own path but there are people who are moderate, modern and even secular, and they are not crossing swords as often.

It seems are finally learning to live and let live, and this is an encouraging sign.

Meanwhile in Canada, my wonderful adopted land, Muslim matters are going from weird to absurd.

  • Under the previous government, there was a move to revoke Canadian citizenship from known terrorists. The current government, however, passed a bill to restore citizenship to convicted terrorists.

Case in point: Zakaria Amara, a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder scores of Canadians, will soon get the privilege of a Canadian citizenship. Amara wanted to detonate bombs in downtown Toronto and coordinate shooting sprees at the CBC and the Toronto Stock Exchange. He planned to lay siege to Parliament Hill in Ottawa and carry out executions and beheadings of politicians, including the prime minster. He will now be rewarded with citizenship? How does this make sense?

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