Please go ahead and appropriate my culture.

Recently, there have been many examples of foolishness, such as telling a white person that quoting a song sung (but not written) by a woman of a different skin colour is “cultural appropriation”.

Or telling the same thing to white visual artists, or writers, whose work was inspired or influenced by artists or writers from other cultures.

Well, I am not that protective. I subscribe to a culture that has a set of values I would love to have other people copy. I recommend it.

Some cultures would be improved by doing so.

Is my culture a Western culture? Is it a set of Canadian values? You decide.

My culture believes in human rights, and, recognizing that women are human beings, therefore believes in women’s rights.

Many cultures do not. Those cultures treat women as the property of either their father or husband.

Many men in these cultures believe a woman should be killed if she goes against any of their backward, ignorant rules for how a woman is allowed to behave.

My culture educates both boys and girls, and women rise to powerful positions in business, science, the arts and politics.

My culture believes in civil rights.


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