A retired RCMP assistant commissioner who led a review of the police response to Justin Bourque’s deadly shooting rampage in Moncton in 2014 testified Wednesday that no one took command of the “chaos” situation.

Officers were on different radio channels and didn’t realize their colleagues had been shot and killed, Alphonse MacNeil told the RCMP’s labour code trial in Moncton.

A supervisor should have come over the air and advised the responding officers what to do, said MacNeil.

“Nobody was actually taking control,” he said.

The RCMP is on trial in connection with the shooting deaths of three officers that night and the wounding of two others.

The national police force is charged with violating four provisions of the Labour Code by allegedly failing to provide members with appropriate use-of-force equipment and training for responding to an active threat or active shooting event, and failing to ensure the health and safety of every person employed by the force.​​

MacNeil’s 2015 report on the shootings made 64 recommendations, including that frontline officers be equipped with patrol carbines — high-powered, short-barrelled rifles that have a longer and more accurate range than a pistol or shotgun.

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