A thrifty father of two has waved goodbye to mortgage after swapping his family home for a double-decker bus.

Professional inventor Rick Hunt, from Cambridgeshire, spent just £3,600 on the disused bus, stripping back the seating to kit it out with three bedrooms as well as a kitchen, bathroom, dining area and seating area for when the vehicle is on the move.

Appearing on Channel 4’s How To Live Mortgage Free last night, he stunned presenter Sarah Beeny with his futuristic mobile home which cost him and his wife Amanda just £20,000.

The couple, parents to James and Caitlin, ploughed all their savings into the ambitious project which cost them a total of £20,000 (the average mortgage in Britain is around £115,000).

The family were previously renting a £1,400-a-month four-bedroom property near Cambridge.

They came up with the plan to craft their own dream home after struggling to save a deposit for a family home in the area which would have cost them in the region of £390,000.

But they had the added stress of making the home fully adaptable for Amanda, who struggles with severe mobility issues after a skydiving accident during her twenties when her chute didn’t open.

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