In an interview with Jack Schlossberg last week, former President Barack Obama said that he showed a tremendous amount of courage when he allowed Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to gas his own people without facing any punishment for the genocide.

On the evening he was to accept the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award, Obama was asked about the most difficult choices he had to make while occupying the White House.

“Well, the hardest issue that I dealt with was always sending out young men and women into harm’s way – our troops,” Obama said. “But I actually think that the issue that required the most political courage was the decision not to bomb Syria after the chemical weapons use had been publicized, and rather to negotiate them removing chemical weapons from Syria.

“Now, we know subsequently that some remained, so it was an imperfect solution,” he admitted. “But what we also know is that 99 percent of huge chemical weapons stockpiled were removed without us having to fire a shot.”

You may remember the incident in 2012 where Obama warned Assad: Once the dictator used chemical weapons on his people, there would be no turning back.


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