Interesting that the local press in Halifax has a perfunctory piece about the latest & greatest from Irving & Co. But that Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) program has certainly turned into a head-scratcher. For starters, is it true the Canadian program is $3.5 billion for 6 ships = $583m per ship in Canadian dollars, which in US Dollars is $ 429m per ship ? And what did other countries pay for EXACTLY the same design ? Well, is this true: Norway = US$100m to design and build an entire AOPS design, Denmark = spent US$105m to then build two ships of the same design Ireland = spent US$125m to also built two entire ships of the same design ? Is it true the average price abroad is USD $57.5m (not including Norway because the design was also included in that price of USD $100m) ? If so, can it be that Irving’s cost to build the AOPS is approx. 746% of the cost of the average price to build abroad ? Worse, is it true that Irving got paid US$ 288m just to design an already designed ship ? Where is Treasury Board Prez Scott Brison, Nova Scotia’s favourite banana, on all of this ?


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