At the end of this week, it’s difficult to know quite where to begin with events in Washington. Suffice it to say, we agree with the decision to appoint special counsel to investigate the allegations of inappropriate connections between President Donald Trump’s campaign for that office and Russian officials. We are not convinced that there is any fire to be found amid all the smoke, but Trump’s own erratic actions have certainly raised questions that demand answers. Former FBI director Robert Mueller is a promising choice to serve as special counsel.

While Mueller undertakes his investigation, Trump continues to command one of the most important posts in the world. And there remains important business to be done. A key item on Trump’s agenda is reportedly set to be announced in the coming days. It will require his full attention, and deserves the world’s.

Trump is about to begin his first international trip abroad as president. Ahead of a NATO summit in Belgium, Trump will make stops in the Middle East, including in Israel and Saudi Arabia. While in Saudi Arabia, Trump is expected to unveil a plan — developed over recent months during quiet negotiations with Saudi officials — to establish a pan-Arab collective security alliance along the lines of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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