Could a Manchester-style attack happen here in Canada? The answer, sadly, is a resounding “yes.”

Asking why it hasn’t happened yet is perhaps more to the point. That’s because we’ve already got jihadists like Salman Abedi, the 22-year-old behind the horrific concert attack, right here on home turf. Dozens of them. Perhaps over a hundred.

How do we know this? Because the heads of our security agencies say so. They’ve compiled the lists, they have the names and have some sense of where the radicals are at. The only thing they haven’t done is charge them.

Last March, CSIS director Michel Coulombe testified in front of a Senate committee that, at the time, there were 60 Canadians known to have returned home from going abroad to participate in terror activities.

These included paramilitary exercises, receiving jihadi training, providing logistical support for operations and more. Basically, they went to terrorist training camp. Then they came home. “Ticking time bomb” is the accurate phrase to describe this situation.

U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd recently confirmed that Abedi was known to authorities. For specifically what reasons, we’re not sure. The speculation is that it has to do with what he’d gotten up to during a recent visit to Libya.

Coulombe also said last year that there were an additional 180 Canadians who at that time were still abroad engaging in terror-related activities. A year ago. And how many of them have since come home?

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If an Imam can be charged and convicted for a sexual assault in a mosque as per the above video, why can’t he be charged with a terrorism offence for counselling violence in a mosque?

Furthermore, if we really want to stop radicalization of our youth by these ignorant cretins why don’t we set an example more in keeping with the times by slapping a padlock on the mosque door and seizing all their assets under proceeds of crime laws we have available?

Just asking…

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