A solar-powered barbecue has been invented that uses the rays of the sun, reflected on mirrors, to heat up a pan.

The SolSource Sport stove heats up using energy from the sun to grill or boil food.

The cutting edge design cooks a meal in just ten minutes and heats up five times faster than a charcoal grill.

Of course, sunshine in a British summer is an unpredictable thing.

But cloud cover won’t prove a problem, the makers say, as it can even cook in partial sunlight.

Dr Catlin Powers, founder and CEO of One Earth Designs, who came up with the design, said: ‘SolSource Sport is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need to travel light and for families who want to cook with the sun in small places or on-the-go.’

The product has been tested ‘on a hill, in a valley the, and at the quayside’ – proving users can cook ‘anywhere under the sun’, she said.

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