While Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX may have ambitions to set up a colony on Mars, Jeff Bezos, CEO of rival, Amazon, is setting his sights slightly closer to home.

In a talk this week, Bezos has revealed that wants to colonise the moon.

And his plans don’t just involve sending a handful of people to live on the lunar surface, as he has said that he ‘want(s) to see millions of people living and working in space.’


In March, Bezos announced plans to ship packages to the moon by 2020 to help set up a human settlement.

He has already reserved a parking spot near the Shackleton Crater on the south pole.

It has constant sunlight and water nearby could be used as a source of hydrogen for rocket fuel.

The rocket could carry 10,000 pounds of goods to help the first human settlements.

Bezos, who owns space firm, Blue Origin, was speaking during a Q&A with children at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, according to GeekWire.

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