Donald Trump acts like a ‘drunk tourist’ who ‘steps on others without realizing it’ when it comes to diplomacy, a state department official has claimed after the president left a G7 Summit in Italy, in which he frustrated leaders in attendance.

Trump’s performance in the last leg of his first international trip left other world leaders fuming with his stances on climate change, taxes and security.

But it was his ‘arrogance’ in threatening to oppose the Paris Agreement that was ‘an abdication of American leadership’, the official said.

‘When it comes to diplomacy, President Trump is a drunk tourist,’ the State Department official told the Daily Beast. ‘Loud and tacky, shoving his way around the dance floor. He steps on others without realizing it. It’s ineffectual.’

The official, who has not been named, said that the United States should be ‘out front’ when it comes the Paris Agreement.

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