That big grin. It’s the first thing everyone notices about newly elected Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

It’ll be what the regular voter first sees when Scheer goes to bat one on one against Justin Trudeau in the polls.

This is quite literally the new face of the Conservative Party of Canada. It’ll be conservatism sold with a smile.

And that smile will come in handy, because make no mistake, Scheer is no softie.

He pledges to end corporate welfare, which was one of the big pluses of the Maxime Bernier campaign.

He’s saying a flat out no to carbon taxes.

He thinks that, as he said in his victory speech, “radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to every single Canadian.”

And he wants to decrease funding for universities that don’t protect free speech. This was his promise that got the biggest applause from the crowd in Toronto Saturday night. No wonder. People are tired of the lunatic fringe nonsense happening on campus, underwritten by their tax dollars.


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