Former Secretary of State and losing 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at the Codecon conference in Silicon Valley, Calif., on Wednesday, describing President Donald Trump as a man with a “visceral grasp on America’s political underbelly.”

Over the course of her remarks and a question and answer session, Clinton amassed a long list of those she blames for her loss to Trump, as compiled by the Daily Mail:

• The FBI

• James Comey, then FBI director

• The Russians

• Vladimir Putin

• ‘Anti-American forces’

• Low information voters

• Everyone who assumed she’d win

• Bad polling numbers

• Obama for winning two terms

• People wanting change

• Misogynists

• Suburban women

• The New York Times

• Television executives

• Cable news

And, in fact, “Americans.”

“The loser began by saying: ‘I take responsibility for every decision I made but that is not why I lost,’” the Mail reported.

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