DONALD Trump may have plans to quit the Paris Agreement on climate change – but it has been revealed the US may not be able to exit the deal until the day after its next Presidential election.

The Paris Agreement is seen as the most important global climate agreement ever signed, with nearly 200 world leaders agreeing to protect the planet.

It is also seen as one of the biggest achievements of Barack Obama’s reign as president.

However, Donald Trump is now set to pull the USA out in a move which will see America join Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries who do not support the deal.

A White House source confirmed on Wednesday Mr Trump intends to pull out of the agreement and the president later tweeted he will announce his decision at 3pm this afternoon.

But European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned President Trump leaving will be much harder than he realises.

Although President Trump could simply roll back US climate policy, he will still be tied into the commitment.


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