On Tuesday, Conservative Sen. Linda Frum introduced a bill in the Senate to get foreign money out of Canadian elections.

For a bit of perspective on how this is long overdue and why it matters, think about what’s been happening in the United States the past couple of weeks:

The entire world watched breathlessly as the 24/7 news circuit went into a frenzy over White House leaks, the James Comey memo and talk of collusion and impeachment. Serious stuff.

It all originated from the same concerns: The possibility that Donald Trump’s campaign was too cozy with Russia and pro-Russian elements. That they’d been conspiring either against Hillary Clinton or for Trump. That there was foreign interference in the U.S. election.

The same thing is happening up here. Not the same specifics, of course. And nothing to do with Russia (that we know of). The issue up here is that registered third parties in Canada received significant financial contributions from American organizations that were, in turn, funded by various interests, including billionaire activist George Soros.


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