Thousands of Conservative party members who voted at 13 remote voting stations in the recent leadership contest did not have their names checked against the electronic voters list to make sure they had not also voted by mail, the chairman of the organizing committee said Monday.

“The remote locations were doing that by hand, so that would have been just crossing people off the membership list,” said Dan Nowlan.

That means that their names were removed from paper lists, not the central database, as had been planned.

Last week, Maxime Bernier and his supporters raised concerns about the process because more than 7,000 ballots were cast without having been registered in the database system — known as a strikeout list — that the campaigns used in their get-out-the-vote efforts.

That party says that strikeout list — which was created on the party’s Constituent Information Management System — is unofficial, and the discrepancies are unimportant.

However, Bernier campaign workers, who were shocked to lose to Andrew Scheer, remain hard to convince. They’re worried that some voters may have voted twice, once by mail and once in person at the 13 polling stations set up around the country.


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