While Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer’s plan to withhold federal funding from universities that fail to protect free speech may be a blunt instrument, something needs to be done.

Many universities aren’t protecting free speech, freedom of association, or any other rights. They run for cover when student groups invite controversial speakers to campus, claiming they’re motivated by “security concerns”, given potential disruptions by students or organizations opposed to the speaker.

In other words, they tacitly endorse censorship by those intending to censor.

Or, they charge the cost of providing security to students, which effectively cancels the event.

As worrisome, faculty and staff in many universities, particularly in the social sciences, tend to be over-represented by those on the political left and intolerant of other views.

Which brings us to the bizarre story of Rebecca Katzman, 22, a graduating social work student at Ryerson University.

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