Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he won’t be proposing specific economic policies for months but portrayed himself as a free-market enthusiast who can help sell the party’s fiscal message with compassion.

In his first major speech at the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto on Thursday, Mr. Scheer laid out his broad financial vision for the party but also said Conservatives need to work harder to sell that vision to more Canadians.

But just how Mr. Scheer’s Conservative Party plans to lead Canada out of billions in deficits and cut taxes won’t be detailed until closer to the October, 2019, election.

“We’ve got a little over 24 months until the next election is expected, so we’ll be unveiling what we believe the next campaign should be fought on in the months to come,” Mr. Scheer said.

Mr. Scheer said in order to lay the groundwork for the next election, the party has to do two things: fight the “lie of the left” and articulate a “positive vision” of conservatism that will resonate with the public.


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