EMMANUEL Macron’s La Republique en Marche is has won a solid majority in the French parliamentary elections.

The French PM has been given a mandate to push through a number of reforms to reinvigorate the French economy and restore French influence to Europe.

Mr Macron’s party secured 355 of th 577 seats available in the National Assembly.

An exit poll released at 8pm local time (7pm BST) predicted Mr Macron’s party winning 352 seats along with its ally Mouvement Democrate.

Even without its ally it is expected to secure 309, far ahead of the Socialist Party and allies on 50, La France Insoumise on 30 and the Front National on 8.

The victory wasn’t all without hiccups. Marine Le Pen blasted the historically low turnout and said that he had benefitted from an election-fatigued France that appeared reluctant to go to the polls yet again.

The vote comes just a month after the 39-year-old former banker became the youngest head of state in modern French history, promising to clean up French politics and revive the euro zone’s second-biggest economy.


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