If you own a small business or a farm and you get a chance to buttonhole your MP this summer, let him or her know the folks back home aren’t happy with the Liberals’ proposed changes to the way small business income is taxed.

No, not happy. Not one little bit.

Tell your MP in no uncertain terms, as he or she flips burgers or pancakes, that if Finance Minister Bill Morneau goes ahead with his plan to increase income taxes on entrepreneurs and farmers by 80 to 100%, you will never vote Liberal again. Ever.

Morneau and his tax strategists at Finance Canada clearly see most small business owners as tax cheats, conniving anti-Canadians whose goal is to skip out on their fair share.

The Liberals’ proposed changes would not only send small business owners’ tax burdens soaring, but would make transferring your farm or business to your kids so expensive, few parents could afford it.

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