President Trump and his campaign organization are going to war against the Russia investigations, said an official involved in the effort, launching a multipronged public relations offensive to spread distrust of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Capitol Hill Republicans and Washington legal professionals say Mr. Trump should keep out of the investigation and focus on governing because his protestations keep the story in the media spotlight and make him look defensive.

But the president is determined to confront head on the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia and expose the investigation to be a political hit job. Marshaling opposition from Mr. Trump’s base, the thinking goes, will make it more difficult for Mr. Mueller’s investigation to bring down the Trump presidency.

“This is a war,” said Bruce Levell, a member of the Trump re-election campaign’s advisory board. “Why would we stop talking to the American people? That is the best thing you can do: keep talking to your base. And guess what? The base is growing.”

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Sunday blasted the Russian probe as a “conclusion in search of evidence.”

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