GERMANY should pay Poland hundreds of billions of pounds for the damage caused in the Second World War – politicians are demanding.

Relations between Berlin and Warsaw are at boiling point as the EU threatens to mobilise Article 7 against Poland – the so-called nuclear option.

The nation would lose its voting rights if the extraordinary measure is used.

Now, a new row is erupting as Polish MPs call for Germany to pay Poland PLN 1.5 trillion (EUR 350 billion, USD 420 billion) in reparations for invading the country during WWII.

Marek Jakubiak, a deputy for the anti-establishment Kukiz’ 15 grouping, followed similar comments from his conservative peers.

Jakubiak told public broadcaster Polish Radio: “The fact that we are a poor country does not come from the fact that we are idiots. The Germans burned our homeland. We we lost 50 years.


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