From the pyramids of Giza to the tombs of Luxor, Egypt’s ancient monuments have held on to mysteries for thousands of years.

Experts now believe they are on the brink of finding a hidden ‘recess’ in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A project called ScanPyramids is using infrared thermography among other techniques to find out the secrets of this hidden chamber and date artefacts.

Also known as Khufu Pyramid, it stands at 479 feet (146 metres) high and was the world’s tallest man-made structure for nearly 4,000 years.

ScanPyramids is among the most ambitious of the projects to demystify the Khufu Pyramid near Cairo, which was completed in about 2560 BC.

‘All the devices we put in place are designed to find where the cavity is located. We know there is one, but we’re trying to find out where,’ said Mehdi Tayoubi, president of the HIP Institute heading the ScanPyramids project.

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