What’ll it take for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to unequivocally state that it’s against the law to illegally enter Canada and that he flat out doesn’t want anyone doing it?

That’s what needs to be done to stem the flood of illegal migrants crossing into Canada daily from the United States. It’s his problem. He started it. He’s uniquely positioned to solve it.

It’s an odd notion, that the sentiments and sayings of a political leader alone are enough to shift an issue. It should be more difficult, more complex. And in some respects it is. But it’s a fact that Trudeau’s hashtag virtue-signalling bears a huge amount of responsibility for the illegal crossings happening at the Quebec border right now.

Back in January he issued his famous #WelcometoCanada tweet that ambiguously implied everyone was welcome to come on in. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada took to social media to restate the country’s open-door policy,” none other than The New York Times parlayed to readers around the world in the first sentence of a major story.

This misleading sentiment continued to be spread throughout migrant circles in the intervening months, bringing us to the current boiling point. “Migrants are being misled about Canada’s immigration policy,” a recent CTV News headline blares. “False information sends asylum-seeking Haitians to Canada,” says The Globe & Mail.


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